list of psalmsWe offer our prayers for: Gary Allen, Betty, Elma, Erma, & Marcella Babb, Linda Blanchette, Deborah Broome, Eva Charney, Tulin Cileli, Marcia Clendenen, Sandra Cocks, Iris Colbourne, Carmen Conrado, Barbara Corregan, Laura Craig, Athelridge Cumberbatch, Ira Davis, Anne Devlin, Aria Durant, Marlene Elia, Christy Mary Finlay, Julio Gambuto, Sebastian Gattullo, Hersh Goldman-Polin, Avion Hernandez-Elcock, James Jackson, Tom. Jan, & Mark, Jerry Keucher, Erica Korzekwinski, Anthony Mark Lamort, Jenna Love, Willie Marcus, The McIntosh Family, Charles Price, T. Rauch, John Rhoades, Edna Richardson, Deborah & Leila Rollock, Pastor Junior Ross, Barnett Shepherd, Tom Smith, Thomas Sox, Erma St. Louis, Fred & Rob Tucher, Gene Wagner & Cheryl Grogan, Roger Williams, Marsha Wynter, Jan & Joan Yearwood, and the girls and boys of Heartshare St. Vincent's Services.

We lift up in thanksgiving Nick Lettiere, Bonnie Nygard, Renate Johnson, Marigold Green, and Paige Gunther who are celebrating their birthdays this week.

We pray for Bishop Michael Curry and for Bishop Sean Rowe.

We pray for the people of Ukraine, Israel, and the Gaza Strip, and for all asylum seekers. We pray for all those suffering the effects of Hurricane Beryl.

We pray for all those who are suffering from the effects of systemic racism and homophobia.

We thank you for our own continued good health and prosperity and we pray for the repose of the souls of the victims of warfare in Ukraine and the Middle East, and for all the faithful departed.











I do not understand the mystery of grace. Only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.


Anne Lamott

Don't invite people to church. Invite them to lunch, invite them into your home, invite them into your heart. You are the church.


Allen Jones