Christ Church Staff


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11th Rector of Christ Church New Brighton

Fr. Trevor is a national of Barbados with an employment and educational background in the areas of Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, and Human Resource Management.

Prior to entering theological seminary, he was employed by Intel Barbados, Ltd. for over nine years, six of which were in Human Resource Management. Fr. Trevor entered The University of the West Indies and Codrington Theological College, Barbados in 1986. He graduated in 1989 with an Honors Degree in Theology and a Diploma in Pastoral Studies. He has also participated in several continuing education seminars and workshops including Congregational Conflict and Resolutions, Anti-Racism Training, Real Collaboration, Stewardship and Evangelism, Pastoral Care for Urban Centers, New Visions Initiative and Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry: The Work of the Leader.

In the spring of 1992, Fr. Trevor immigrated to the United States and settled in Springfield Massachusetts, where he was received as a priest in the Episcopal Church, USA in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. He and his family became U. S. citizens in December 2000. In May 2004 Fr. Trevor graduated from Yale Divinity School with a Master’s Degree in Sacred Theology.

Fr. Trevor previously served as the second Rector of St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church, Lincoln Heights, Ohio until December 31, 2016. He served on several community boards/committees in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio and surrounding municipalities as well as is the Mid-West Regional Director for the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE) – an organization committed to eradicating racism from the church and providing leadership development for clergy and lay persons in the African diaspora.

Fr. Trevor and his wife, Marcella, have two children – a daughter, Treva (currently residing in Japan) and a son, Trent, who graduated from Denison University in May 2017 with a Political Science Degree. They are the proud grand-parents of two lovely grand-daughters, LeiLani and Gabrielle Phillips.

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David is an intern from the Diaconate assigned to Christ Church. David is a retired NYPD Sergeant. He and his wife Donna have been married for 38 years. They have been attending services at the Church of St. Andrew since 1976. They currently live in Parlin, NJ, and have one son, Michael, one daughter, Jenna, 2 grandchildren,Bentley and Oliver, and a dog named Gracie.

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Alana Piggott-Korezkwinski

Alana is a highly adept administration professional. She can handle any task from using Microsoft Office apps to scheduling the myriad meetings and events taking place at Christ Church to settling the day-to-day details of running a small business. We are lucky indded to have such a capable and friendly office adminstrator.

Pedrina Umana, Sexton

Pedrina Umana

Pedrina is the first female sexton/custodian at Christ Church. She keeps the place clean and orderly. She is a breath of fresh air around here.

Dr. Hueldine Webb, Verger

Dr. Hueldine Webb

Dr. Hueldine Webb, MD is a General Surgery Specialist at the Brooklyn VA Hospital. Hueldine has bee Christ Church's Verger for several years, since the retirement of Paul Smith.

The Rev. Anthony Mark Lamourt

The Rev. Anthony Mark Lamourt

Now that the Rev. Anthony Mark Lamourt has been here for a couple of years, he has made himself an indispensable part of the culture of Christ Church. Not only is he our organist/choirmaster, he also runs our bible study group, keeps the organ in good repair, and installed and operates a whole bunch of electronic equipment that allows us to have services on Facebook and YouTube.

Andrea Morse-Raff, Esq.

Andrea Morse-Raff

Andrea Morse-Raff has been Parish Counsel since 2007. She hase a private law practise here on Staten Island on Forest Avenue.

Beth McLean, Financial Secretary

Beth McLean

Beth McLean has been a part of this church from the very day she was born Her father, Bill Beveridge, was a choir boy here at christ church when he was a mere slip of a lad just over from Scotland.

Richard Zayzay, Treasurer

Richard Zayzay

Richard Zayzay is a Liberian national. He fled the troubles in his home land and brought his extended family to the United States, whre they met a warm welcome at Christ Church. Richard is an important part of the sizable Liberian commuinity here at Christ Church.

Catherine Barnett, Rite 13 and J2A Coordinator

Catherine Barnett

4WARD (formerly known as Young Adults in the Church) is a looser formation for high schoolers post-pilgrimage. The program allows them to prepare for confirmation, and become more involved in the life of the church. Catherine Barnett is the current Journey to Adulthood coordinator at Christ Church. Carol Bratton, Nicole Haylock and Marsha Wynter are the current Rite 13 teachers at Christ Church. Nick Dowen and Lisa Rhoades are the current J2A teachers at Christ Church. Catherine Barnett and David Nygard are the current 4WARD leaders at Christ Church.

Heather Ortiz DelValle, Godly Play Coordinator

Heather DelValle & Catherine Barnett

Heather DelValle and Catherine Barnett are the current Godly Play teachers at Christ Church.

Nick Dowen, Altar Guild Director

Nick Dowen

Nick has been a member of Christ Church for more years than he would care to admit. In addition to serving as the director of the Altar Guild he also spends most spring, summer, and fall days on the grounds of the church making the place look presentable.

Jana Ballard, Community Youth Choir Director

Jana Ballard

Jana Ballard will hopefully send me some biographic information to put in this space before too long.

Bill Sherman, Plant & Equipment chair

Bill Sherman

Danny works in the computer field as a systems technician, which makes him emminently qualified to chair the Plant & Equipment committee for the church.

John Gerney, Junior Warden

John Gerney

John Gerney has been a member of Christ Church since the late Pliestocene era.

JNick Lettiere, Junior Warden

Nick Lettiere

Nick has been an active member of Christ Church since around the Truman administration. Nick is the retired head chef of Meals on Wheels of Staten Island. He currently spends a lot of time at Christ Church creating incredible altar arrangements.

Etta Johnson, Vestry 2021-2023

Etta Johnson

Etta has traveled widely in East Africa—Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Ghana—and grew up in Liberia among Episcopalian clergy. Caesar Gardiner, also a member of Christ Church, is her oldest brother. She works as a home health aide.

Bill Sherman, Vestry 2021-2023

Bill Sherman

Bill Sherman originally hails from Liberia in Western Africa. He's one of the bright lights here at Christ Church. He has put his children through Sunday School here, and now his grandson is taller than most people in the chuhrch.

ANdrea Morse-Raff, Vestry 2021-2023

Andrea Morse-Raff

Andrea is a lawyer on Staten Island dealing in real estate and estate planning law. She has been a member of Christ Church since probably longer than she would care to admit. We all love her.

Titus Zayzay, Vestry 2021-2023

Titus Zayzay

Titus Zayzay is a member of UA Local 1, The Plumbers of New York City; a graduate of the Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School; and a student at SUNY Plattsburg. His parents are Richard Zayzay, Christ Church's treasurer, and Yassah Zayzay, and his siblings are Joseph, Celestie, Benorie, Jeremiah, Romeo, Titus, Evelyn, and Siaber.

Stephen Gross, Vestry 2022-2024

Stephen Gross

Stephen works for Verizon during the day and for Christ Church most of the rest of the time. He's one pf those people whom you'll always find in the thick of things, helping out wherever needed without having to be asked.

Anthony Blugh, Vestry 2022-2024

Anthony Blugh

Anthony works in the grocery store savin' his pennies for someday. Mama Leone left a note on the door she said, Sonny, move out to the country. Workin' too hard can give you a heart attack.

Anne Devlin, Vestry 2022-2024

Anne Devlin

Anne Devlin is a retired teacher from the NYC Schools system. She has been a member of Christ Church for many decades and has held various positions of leadership in those years. She currently co-chairs the Prayer Ministry with Fr. Trevor.

Nick Lettiere, Vestry 2020-2022

Jana Ballard

Jana is a wonderful musician who is also in charge of the Community Youth Choir. Unfortunately she has never gotten around to sending me any biographical information. I'm not sure that anyone actually reads any of this stuff, anyway.

Sheila Swiget, Vestry 2020-2022

Sheila Swigert

Sheila Swigert is a very interesting person. She's retired from both the U.S. Army AND the U.S. Navy as well as the NYC Teacher's Union. She is an eager participant at just about every event at the church.