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From the Rector
After I was ordained, I began working as an assistant to the rector. Each day I carried out the tasks my rector assigned to me. I took communion to shut-ins; I celebrated the Eucharist at nursing homes; I celebrated the wednesday night Eucharist; I worked with the youth group; I led a couple of committees; I prepared couples for marriage; and I preached every other week. I thought to myself, “This priest stuff is a breeze.” I figured that by the time I was middle-aged I would be grey-headed and very wise. it’s now 19 years later, but only one of those things has come to pass, as a cursory glance in the mirror will show. Much to my surprise, I find the exercise of priesthood more difficult and complicated now than when I was ordained. I think that I am now more aware of the subtleties and nuances of each situation, and of my own limitations and sinfulness.

My spiritual director in seminary taught me that the Good shepherd is the guiding metaphor for pastoral ministry, and that has influenced me ever since. I conceive of my vocation as being set apart to go ahead of the flock, scouting for spiritual food and drink, looking for sheep who are lost, and protecting the flock, particularly its most vulnerable members. As the Prayer Book ordinal says, I am charged “to nourish christ’s people from the riches of his grace, and to strengthen them to glorify God.” looking for the nourishing spiritual food and drink in places I have never been before, feeling the responsibility of caring for the flock, and pulling myself or being pulled out of a few ravines has been humbling and difficult but also enormously rewarding.

if I manage to last another twenty years, maybe by then i’ll have it all figured out, but I doubt it. i’m starting to think that the gift of being a sub-shepherd and walking with Jesus the Good shepherd and his people is enough, more than enough.

Fr. Chuck

Save the Dates
Parish Picnic, Sunday, September 7, 2014.

Jazz Dinner on Saturday, September 27, featuring Anne Sweeney.

Vacation Bible School Teacher & Volunteer Meeting
There is to be a s Vacation Bible School teacher and volunteer meeting on Sunday, July 27 following the 10:00 service.
Vacation Bible School
Save the Date for Vacation Bible School, Aug. 18-22. More info to follow. Speak with Alleida if you would like to volunteer.

The theme of this year's VBS is Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.

Call the parish office at 718-727-6100 to register your child(ten).

Parish Prayer List
The following individuals have requested our prayers: Robin Beveridge, Shirley Black, Willie Black, Jr., Charles W. Blake, Gregory Brown, Patricia Brown-Prestia, Fr. Steve Challman, Jessie Cinelli, Gilbert Cocks, Inez Colborne, Laura Craig, Gerri DiFonzo, Ruth DiToro, Michael Edwards, Marlene Elia, Gary Ellengold, Billy Fowler, Amanda Freeman Taylor, Barbara Finnerty, Christina Gialombardo, Tina Grosick, William Johnson, Michelle Lane, Nancy LeClair-Mortimer, Robert Leverock, Joyce Mandel, William Marcus, Donna Marlak, Janet Massa, Sunitha Massey, Andrea McIntosh, Hugo McIntosh, Sr., Linda Messermer, Anthony Mobilia, Lynne Morishita, Juan Negron, Cecily Nordstrom, Linda Oppenheimer, Nicholas Panetta, Ryan Perrotta, Catherine Pupello, Jayme Robertson, Joyce Rowan, Meg Rowan, Ann Sohm, David Spitz, Edna Swanson, Evelyn Tuthill, Sophia Vazquez Pazos, Roberta Wagner, Robert Wandlaincourt, Laura Wyss, and Eileen Elliott Yates.

We give thanks to God for the following individuals who are celebrating their Birthdays this week: Evelyn Hernandez (27), Sydney McIntosh (27), Titus Zayzay (30), Edward Schneider (8/2).  We give thanks to God for those celebrating their Wedding Anniversary this week: Constance & Willie Black III (30).  And we give thanks for Peter Raff and Andrea Morse who will be married this Saturday.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we are asked to pray for the Episcopal Church in the Province of Rwanda, The Most Rev. Dr. Onesphore Rwaje.

In the Diocese of New York, we pray for Katharine our Presiding Bishop, Andrew and Allan, our bishops, and on the feast day for William Reed Huntington, Priest, we pray for an increased ecumenical spirit.

We pray for the continued growth of the Carpenter's Kids Program.

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